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time to head out to 95. staying in maryland. 66 is looking good all morning long. eastbound and westbound from centreville to 495. not seeing anything blocking the travel lanes. in gaithersburg, maryland, drivers commuter alert is in place approaching shady grove. blocking the right lane. emergency crews are trying to clear it up. hopefully -- hopefully it will be gone in a short time. the inner loop a in maryland, a crash on the right shoulder. not causing major delays both side of the american legion, no problems and 95 and bw parkway as we switch to the maps looking good between 695 and 495. no problems reported. back to andrea. >>> you can take a shower this morning but don't let it last too long and don't let the water run while you brush your teeth. that's the order from wssc because of a leaking water main. kristin fisher is live in potomac, maryland where work to fix the leak is going on around the clock. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. this work will likely be going on around the clock until at least monday. and until then what this means for 1.8 million ws
from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> hundreds of people left stranded on board marked trains in the middle of a heat wave. >> what a maryland congressman wants to happen now. >> good morning. here's what we're talking about today. the recent miserable experiences may pave the way for a better ride on the rails nationwide. live at the station, alex with more on a passenger bill of rights. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: good afternoon, don. the horror stories of people being trapped for hours on end sparked a passengers rights. the break down last month left 900 marked passengers stranded for two hours in sweltering conditions. no air conditioning, water, or word on relief. >> there were a couple people that passed out. we were taken out the windows, no one is in control of the marked commuter system. it's the commuters that suffer. >> reporter: a bill guaranteeing a passengers bill of rights for all rail and commuter vehicles. >> it also requires them to require passengers with adequate food, water,
for maryland's new gop ticket. big crowds today in campaign stops throughout the state. alex demitris was there. >> reporter: it was meet, greet and get to know. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: as the campaign made a stop. formally introduced, cane is a prosecutor and mother. >> i need someone, a go to person. someone that can lead, who's been there. ladies and gentlemen the next lieutenant governor of the state of maryland, kane. >> i think the pick of mary kane is a particularly good one. seems like around the country it's the year for women. >> mary, mary, mary,. >> thank you folks very much. >> reporter: a first generation american, kane's parents who immigrated stood by with tears in their eyes. >> my parents came here in the mid-1950s. they took a big risk in leaving their family to find a better future. i have learned firsthand, what it is to be an american. >> all right you guys, let's hear it. >> reporter: tomorrow ehrlick and kane will file their paper work to run in the election. >>> our media partner the sun reports the company is accused of double billing the government. the suit
travel, 4th of july weekend is in full swing as thousands of marylanders and the police are hitting the roads. >>> and it's looking like the heat will return just in time for the holiday. meteorologist tim williams has the details coming up in your first warning weather forecast. eyewitness news saturday morning starts now. >>> good morning, welcome to eyewitness news this afternoon. an andrea fujii in for gigi barnett. >>> temperatures in the 60s. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >>> a little chilly, enjoy the chill. >> it's going away after the next day or so. today we'll be warming up a little more than yesterday. the nice thing is we're dealing with a dry heat, which is not something we typically get to say in this region. the humidity will build by the end of the weekend into next week we'll deal with humidity and heat as well. your forecasted to temperatures in the 60s area wide. we'll be touching the 70s quickly. we're going up to a high of close to 90 degrees, look for sunshine. a little more humidity than yesterday. dew points will be low. we'll talk about how h
this video of an uprooted tree on lynn hurst avenue. torrential rain, even hail pounds parts of maryland. when things quiet down, the damage is evidence. residents say they are glad no one was hurt. >> and i heard a crackling noise and when i heard a crackling noise, it was so much rain i couldn't see you know what was going on outside. so when the rain stopped i cape outside and i seen this. >> reporter: weather experts will have to determine what came through the area, but the damage is clear. let's take a look at this tree here. it's a fairly old tree. whatever hit it came through hard and split the tree in two. >> that's incredible, that's a really healthy tree that got split in half. >> reporter: in west baltimore it appears lightning was the cause of this fire that set the home ablaze. >> it was just smoking in the middle. all of a sudden the flash started right there in the corner and that was it. >> reporter: and as we were out observing the area, we would lake to say that most of the votes streets we saw were barely passable. back to you, vic. >> okay, kai. the storm knocked ou
you, devon. hope you are off to a great thursday, right now, finding issues in maryland and virginia. take a look outside at 270 and 109. an accident off to the left shoulder has the driver approaching the scene. hopefully, it will be cleared out shortly. as we return to the maps, we zoom into the bethesda area. this is where we have a downed tree. right now, southbound massachusetts remains closed. no lanes are passable at little falls parkway, so to get around this, you will want to use river road. northbound pennsylvania, approaching the capital beltway. still using the left lane as an accident investigation continues. 95 in virginia. no incidents, no accidents, but it looks like the delay is starting to set in. it is building and again between 77100 and the back road. back to you. >> at the top of the hour, pat yourself on the back, you live in the best educated region in the nation. the story is new this morning. kristin fisher is live outside of american university to tell us why we are so smart. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: we are feeling good. this is based on 2008 cen
value on the lower eastern shore. heat advisory for the entire state except for far western maryland. a heat advisory here that may be upgraded to a heat warning tomorrow. maryland's most powerful radar all clear. the big theme is this -- the heat. searing heat. very hot through the evening and looking at temperatures up into the triple-digits tomorrow. heat index very, very high tomorrow. we'll talk about the dangerous heat over the weekend and when we get a relief from it all coming up. kelly. >> thanks, wyatt. >>> and three more marylanders have died as a result of the heat bringing the total this year up to 16. the victims all had underlying conditions, heart disease, high blood pressure or both and putting them at risk. one of the deaths was of a baltimore resident. >> it's critically important for people to keep themselves hydrated, drink plenty of water, and not nonalcoholic drinks. important to stay out of the heat if at all possible. >> now when it gets hot it's very important to make sure we check on our neighbors. especially the elderly who may not have air-conditioning. >
maryland. yeardley love -- the information should be released in the case. the 22-year-old lacrosse player was found dead in her apartment in may. fellow student and former student george huguely is charged with her murder. >>> today's the third day for the murder hotline and calls are pouring in. 21 women called saying they were raped and sexually assaulted and more than half of the people want their cases reopened. >>> nine of the 11 accused russian spies appear before judges and one has confessed. one of the men admits he worked for russia's intelligence service. >>> a judge denied bail for two so far. investigators don't think any of them stole state secrets. >>> the oil spill reached a new record. a live look underwater at the source of the largest oil spill in the gulf of mexico's history. more than 140.6-gallons of oil spilled into the gulf, breaking the previous record of 140 millions of gallons. that was from 1979 to 1980. the exact number is important. bp will be fined for each and every gallon. >>> and the u.s. labor department report is not good new. here's the preview. >> repo
southbound maryland 396. that road is currently closed at little falls parkway. >> the washington, d.c. region has just been ranked the best educated metropolitan area in the country. according to a new report released by the brookings institute. kristin fisher is crunching the numbers live for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, this study is based on 2008 census data from the top 100 metropolitan areas in the country. once again, what do you know? washington, d.c. is home to the smartest people in the entire country. not boston, not seattle, not san francisco, us. we'll break it down by the numbers. this is a list of the top 5 metropolitan areas what do you know, number one, washington, arlington, that entire dc metro area comes in at 47% of adults with bachelor degrees. so that means half of washingtonians have college degrees. numbers 2, 3, and 4, bridge port, connecticut, san jose and san francisco, clock in at 33, 34%. and you might think it would be higher up on the list. boston, cambridge, massachusetts, at 42%. i should point out that the washington area ranks numbe
jury has indicted a 27-year-old maryland man who police say is a serial killer. former ups worker jason thomas scott of upper marlboro is charged with two counts of first degree murder in the march 2009 slayings of nurse dolores dewit and her 20-year-old daughter ebony who was a student. >>> on the weather front today, it was a warm one this afternoon. temperatures into the mid and upper 80s but very average for this time of year. finally, a day where temperatures are just about average. 87 at the inner harbor. 84 from annapolis and 84 from cambridge. so these are the numbers now and they were only two or three degrees warmer earlier this afternoon. humidity, dew points in the mid-60s. that is relatively humid but not oppressive. the green shaded area is the more oppressive humidity. still bottled up just to our south. generally cloudy through the day but we had nice clearing in the last hour or so. 80s, variably cloudy. tonight staying warm. but much warmer and more humid the next two days and then as we go into the weekend things actually getting much more pleasant. we'll have that in
on the roads to and from the beach, also out to western maryland. they are not just trying to catch drunk drivers and speeders. this year, this he will be looking for drugged drivers. it's a bang up weekend for a party. there will be alcohol consumed and a massive number of cars on the road traveling. this combination can mean more crashes. so state police have set up special enforcement details. >> holiday weekends mean more traffic on the road, more violators of the law, more speeders trying to reduce their travel time, which by the way, doesn't work. also a lot nor drugged drivers on the road. >> reporter: there's also a campaign to not only arrest drunk drivers about you the drugged driving. drugged driving play a large role in crashes. >> 34% of motor vehicle crash victims admitted to a maryland trauma center that they tested positive for drugs only. only 16% tested positive for alcohol. >> reporter: if you realize you should not be driving and don't want to be stranded overnight there's tipsy taxi each day from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. you can get a free ride. >> yellow cab will send
marylanders back to work. >> reporter: mary kane is seen as strong in business circles and since 2006, she's worked for the chamber of commerce and she's never held an elected office. >> she has a significant role in making government efficient. people will look at the degree to which she helped the government to be more efficient. >> i just think it's interesting that he chose facebook as the primary medium. four years ago, i would be surprised if he knew about it. >> it's a technique to attract attention to the campaign. >> reporter: like ehrlich, kane is a proponent of smaller government. >> given the closeness of the election, women are going to be an important voting block. >> reporter: he'll be at a charter school withkane today. >> she's married to former chairman johnkane, facing a lawsuit for fraudulent belong a federal contract, but he says it's an administrative error. >> >> a man gets a surprise while talking on his cell phone. he was hit in the face while he's talking on the cell phone. it was embarrassing for him and maybe he'll pay more attention to the game. believe it or n
the uva campus and maryland is in the spotlight. the public may soon learn more about the killing of yeardley love. denise. >> reporter: well, it's been nearly two months since yeardley love was found dead in her apartment and now, a judge is unsealing most of the search warrants in the case. the lacrosse player was 22 when she was killed and her former boyfriend was charged with the murder and he allegedly slammed her head against the wall. the document set to be released sent details from searches of two cars and the list of items in the student's apartments. >> she was a graduate of notre dame prep. >>> some of the miserable experiences for maryland rail commuters are sweltering heat. it all may pave the way for better rides across the country. here's more with alex demetrick. >> reporter: the horror stories of airplanes holding passengers for hours on end led for a bill of rights for travelers on air planes and now, they may have one for rail travelers. 900 travelers were trapped inside sweltering conditions. >> it was 107 degrees. >> it was terrible, it was traumatic. >> some
in southern maryland. hold on. it's going to get better. temperatures will warm to the upper 80s by 9:00. 90s by noon and 102 for the drive time. >>> it is 5:00 a.m. angie has the latest on the traffic. >>> reviews on the power outage in northeast dc. if you come at an intersection where the lights are out or on flash, treat it as a four-way stop. no accidents to report in virginia, district of columbia and maryland. we want to show you the drivers are moving at speed on 66 from centreville to past 50 to inside the beltway. the next stop the beltway in virginia not too busy this tuesday from 95 up to 66. now in maryland we want to move it back outside and show you the outer loop. no construction to report at this time. pretty much smooth sailing from 95 over to 270. and finally we will call it a wrap inside the district. we give you the suitland parkway where it meets south capitol street. nice an easy commute here. very, very quiet. andrea, back to you. >> thank you. >>> we can't say howard didn't warn us about the heat an alert and as he said today will be worse than yesterday. some people
with ties to maryland was killed in that terrorist attack in uganda. wjz is live and tonight kai jackson spoke with a colleague. >> reporter: a uganda resident in baltimore is mourning the loss of a colleague. steven okeria worked for john hopkins hospital. friends and colleagues say his violent death is a stark contrast to the life of service that he lived. these are pictures of the funeral service wednesday. he was killed as people were watching the world cup finals. >> the bomb went off, and steven, unfortunately where he was sitting took much of the blow. steven was very committed to his work. >> reporter: okeria worked in uganda he was working on a project to help the victims of aids and other diseases. and locals say it's troubling that a man trying to help others was killed. >> so steven was out there helping an activity that will help improve people's lives and the reverse rather he lost his life. >> reporter: emily curstetter was severely injured. delaware native was the only american killed. >> i have talked to the various people, i feel the pain. we feel the loss, i know i hav
>>> thousands of maryland kerrs are hitting the rod, and new campaign aims to make sure they all make it home in one piece. >>> desperate plea a virginia man is recovering from a boating accident in the chesapeake bay last march. now they are asking for help finding the people responsible. >>> and on this independence day, meet one artist who is paying tribute to the soldiers who are protecting our freedom. >>> will the weather cooperate this holiday? it looks like it so far. tim williams has the answer in the first warning weather forecast. >> reporter: i'm live at fort mexico -- mchenry. details are ahead. eye witness news is seconds away. it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> good morning, and welcome to eye witness news on on the 4th of july. >> temperatures are comfort in about the 70-degree range. >> good morning. >> it's going to be a nice day, if you like summer-like temperatures. a little warmer than yesterday, and now our heat really starts to build over the next few days. the heat wave is underway. looking at a bit of sunshine, blue skies. we're
and on pennsylvania and maryland between first and third street. that's going to be closed down as well. watch for that for dc starting today throughout the weekend and until tuesday. switch over and see what we have next on the roadways. as we move on to 395 right now. northbound, southbound looking good. a little more traffic as we approach after 5:00 in the morning. construction is all clear from overnight. move on to see how things are looking on 95 southbound. right now it looks okay. you may be seeing some delays on the micking bowl but construction is clear, as well. andrea, back to you. >>> it is shaping up to be a hot and dry 4th of july weekend for 2 million of us. the washington suburban sanitary commission has mandatory water restrictions on customers whose crews worked to repair a huge water main that's on the brink of failing. kristin fisher is live in potomac with the latest. >> reporter: crews here have been working around the clock to get this water main repaired. but it is likely going to be at least three -- three more days before it is fixed. you can see the crews working a
. tucker is out with the rest of the crew in leonardtown in maryland if our hometown fridays but gwen is here. how sweet it was to look outside and see the raindrops on the windshield. >> we say we don't want rain. we want nice weather. but we need the rain desperately right now. let's begin with a look at our maps. you can see there is some precipitation well off to the east offshore and also off to our west. we have a little circulation going on there. for today, we are talking mostly sunny skies. there is a slight chance this afternoon especially to our west that we could see a thunderstorm or two pop up. it is a 20% chance right now. if it happens, it will be later this afternoon. other than that, we to have mostly sunny skies across the area. here is a look at your current temperatures right now. 77degrees at national airport. we've got 75 at baltimore and 75 at tull less. even early this morning, we are starting to get that warm, humid air in place. 77degrees at fredericksburg. as we move into the course of the day, it will pretty much stay that way. we have a code orange air qu
>>> passenger rights, a nightmare for commuters, prompted a maryland congressman to take action. >> i'm mary bubala. people are talking about, angry hot and frustrated passenger. problems continue to plating riders. now congressman dutch ruppersberger is bringing a commuter's bill of rights to washington. >> the horror stories of airplanes holding passengers on and on tarmacs and runways, led to a passenger bill of rights for passengers. the breakdown left 900 passengers stranded in sweltering conditions, no air- conditioning, no relief. >> there was no air- conditioning, no electricity. >> no one is in control of the marc commuter system. >> reporter: that prompted congressman dutch ruppersberger to introduce a bill guaranteeing a passenger bill rough rights. >> it requires them to provide passenger with adequate foorksd water, restroom, ventilation and medical services as well as a time frame under which passengers can exit the vehicle after three hours. >> i think it's a great idea. i would hate to be on that plane. >> reporter: they don't expect that legislation to leave the
has been a very popular place. it's just closing for the day. there's been six deaths in maryland so far this year. much of maryland is under a code red alert. it's not stopping some from enjoying their day off outside. >> i'm the guy that says ice cold, ice cold, and i keep nice ice cold drinks for them. >> reporter: the numbers are matching deaths all of last year and the summer has just begun. >> this weather is not to be messed around with, everyone , even if you're young and healthy. >> reporter: is it hot out? >> yes. >> reporter: the wind feels like a heat wave in your face. >> general over all fatigue, some people get nauseated, some people get dizzy. >> reporter: it's important to drink about a quart of water every half hour if you are out exercising. >> i think the heat is great, i love it. >> reporter: perhaps the best work out today is in the pool. >> sticky, muggy, you don't want to come outside in weather like this. but if you can and cool off some where, why not do it at a pool. >> reporter: and a lot of people did that today, one of the biggest dangers is heat stroke
. >>> some residents from maryland will have to spend the weekend using less water. it'll be a few days before a faulty water main is replaced. sherri ly has the latest on this. >> reporter: you know what? the good thing is, they caught this early, before that water main actually broke. wssc crews had been working around-the-clock trying to make repairs. the next step was for them to cut it out and replace a 16-foot section of the 96-inch water main. water restrictions will remain in place for prince georges and montgomery counties. lynne rigins joins me. >> take shorter showes , don't run your dishwasher or washing machine unless it's full. don't flush your toilet unless you use it. if you can cut water consumption by 1/3, it will help other customers and fire protection. >> reporter: you cut out a concrete section to test the waters that reinforce the concrete of this water main, what did you find? >> we found that our proactive technology and proactives, indicated what wires were failing. we exposed the wires, did a cockpit annuity test on them and some of the wires failed. we need
of light sprinkles out in western maryland and some of the other radars are indicating that just a few of those are touching the ground. so it's possible there will be a light shower. most of the rain will hold off until the evening commute and during the nighttime hours tonight as this little piece of energy, see it out into central ohio and eastern kentucky, that will move through here late today and tonight and that will give us a chance of showers. and another piece of energy will come through tomorrow and give us an even better chance of -- we need the rain around here even though we got some on saturday, more needed showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. upper 80 -- 80s to about 90. muggy and showers in the forecast for the day tomorrow. much nicer by wednesday, thursday and friday. hot with highs back in the mid- 90s. >> so a hot week. not 100-degrees but hot. >> certainly more than normal. >>> let's look at traffic with julie wright. >> not so bad if you're traveling in either direction at the wilson bridge with the lanes open. inbound route 50, two pickup trucks stopped, causing
it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> alex spares texas but the rare june hurricane drenches the lone-star state and slams into mexico with deadly results. >>> hi, everybody, i'm mary bubala >> i'm kye jackson >> in texas, the first hurricane of the season brings only heavy rain and scattered flooding. we begin on south padre island. this south pad padre allen is taking down the protection he is glad he didn't need. the first atlantic hurricane of the season brushed south texas as it made land fall in new mexico. in monterey, two people are dead. south padre saw winds strong enough to shut down the only bridge on to the island and flooding streets >> it's mainly water >> water >> reporter: as alex moves over land, flash floods are still a concern the family hit the beach after weathererring the storm in their hotel. they were prepared for worse >> i made friends with the people higher up, we were on the second floor i had a plan to go up if things got bad >> waves knocked the seaweed on to the sand if you had your reservations use them, if you don't, make them >> reporte
to the extreme heat out there. and maryland isn't the only state feeling the burn offan exxended heatwave. -tmppratures could reach as high as 102 degrees across the mid-atlantic today. the recent holiday weekend wass3 not much cooler. the thermostat has already been in the mid-90s for several days now anddwaahington dc many visitors to the national mall indulged in good retaii therapy to cool down. >> staying in the stores keeping cool. >>>is ttat helping. come out the tores veryyslowly into the heaa. unfortunately the lieutenant governor of massachusetts did not have that opttonful while after take paat in five events -his week hh did start to feel ssck and had to be hospitalized. >>> a womaa was discovered in a parking lot. >>> hundreds of amtrak passengerr are left sweating it down in 90-degree heat. the rain came to a complete stop yesterday nortt of new york city. firecrews responded qqickly bringing water and medical aid to all of those passengers. it took 2 1/2 hours to get the fire officials say ooerhead despite thh heat, thhogh, all ú%0 passengers had to remain on board beeau
. >>> now good morning maryland. >>> this was not supposed to happen. baltimore buries another teenager. >>> academy prayed throughout the night and will update you tomorrow. we'll update you on the teenager hurt in the uganda bombings. >>> what about all that rain? what did it do to the project? was pouring down. >> wow, that's all i thought about when it was pouring. i thought about those poor volunteers. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. we want to know if that's going to happen. they are going to be out there again today. >> it just poured. here is lanet charles. >> you want the answer to the question, yes, we are going to see some more rain. we will get a little break, but it's going to move back in, as we go into the afternoon. so, off and on, tomorrow is going to be a much better day. here are your headlines. still unsettled. showers and thunderstorms. also, very humid outside, but we have seasonal temperatures. and then we have a few storms tomorrow and it's going to be hottedder tomorrow as well and dryer by the end of the week. check it
, an isolated shower, in southern maryland, 70s and 80s and light winds. not as hot but still shot. a few thunderstorms and around 95 degrees. that is better than 102. muggy with a passing shower and storm. it is still 80 on the bay from lou anne in annapolis. easton is 73. that's cooler than winchester 75. they were 101 yesterday. 80 in orange and fredericksburg and here a toasty 83 with a heat index of 88 thanks to the dew point which is up to 71 degrees. it is more humid today. thanks to all the moisture off the atlantic. the ridge, which has been over us the last three days, is shifting to the southeastern u.s. and this area of low pressure. this is not a surface low, so don't get excited about the tropical nature of it but it is inching toward us. this area of high pressure is shifting to our south and west and allows the moisture to return. you can see the showers along the coast. again we have had a couple across charles county, st. mary's county and northern neck of virginia. we will watch the area move to the east. a front to the west will help us out big time on saturday. as we
it on the board, what is really neat, coming up on saturday, alumni game between maryland and hopkins, how much fun will that be? >> it's a great time, great lacrosse day. >> who's going to be there? >> that's hard to say, just because you're going to run the gamut. people in their 30s and 40s are still playing. some of the old school guys, there's maybe, lou geiger, recent graduates. a lot of our team is actually from the area. we have some of the best defense men on our team. >> you guys still play in the club. on the screen, saturday night, 7:00, you pull in the audience. >> a lot of kids come in, get paired up with a player, go on the field, depending on their level of experience or play, the players of the team give back. it's been an hour-long. fantastic day. the kids stay for the game. >> when you were a kid, what player did you look up to? >> john lannon, you know, it was a small, close community. everyone gets along. >> we always say it's the hot bed here, out in denver, how many were out there? >> between 2 and 3,000. it was fantastic. we lost, but it was a great venue for lacrosse. >
in germantown, maryland actually boy is recovering this morning after he nearly drowned actually lifeguard watched as the boy chaseed a ball into the deep end of the pool. she says at one point he began floating on his stomach. he didn't respond to the lifeguard's whistle so she jumped into water, pulled him out and called the paramedics. >> i put him into the emergency position, tilt the victim's head back and make sure there is nothing obstructing their airway. it is something you have to be constantly vigilant. you're just always ready for a save. >> the cdc says each day, three children in america die from drowning. another four receive emergency care for nonfatal injuries. >>> a local lawyer is helping rescue fishermen from the gulf oil disaster. >> coming up next, his mission to put them back in hair boats. why he says bp is slowing down the process. >>> good morning. after lots of heat and humidity yesterday, conditions today even worse. i'll have the details on the forecast. it gets a little bitter on the five-day. julie wright will be in with a look at your on-time traffic coming
now has a running mate. >> the next lieutenant governor of the state of maryland mary kane. >> reporter: but kan he's selection was already old news online as ehrlich's campaign posted the pick on facebook late wednesday. >> that partner is mary kane. mary? >> thank you, bob. >> reporter: the 48-year-old kane is an attorney from potomac and was secretary of state in the ehrlich administration. >> we need to focus our debate and our talks on how to bring maryland's economy back. that is the first and foremost thing that our job is going to be as leaders in this state. >> reporter: while mary kane could bring republican female votes, her family business connection are also bringing questions. >> nonissue as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: husband john kane's moving company was sued by the u.s. government for underpaying workers in violation of federal contract rules and for issuing false documents claiming it was in compliance. >> not related to the political issue. it's not a state of maryland issue. it's a federal review issue. it has nothing to do with the candidate, no
-mail your questions. or post them on our website, wbaltv.com, click on family. up next, your maryland lottery pick three and picked four numbers. and another check of the forecast. we'll als >> a great opportunity awaits you. the living pressroom -- classroom presents a concert this thursday, july 8. you can win the contest for four free tickets. for more details of contest rules to conduct our website, wbaltv.com. coming up, bret michaels opens up of the night he almost lost his life. what he is lucky to be allied. jolie right comes out of the closet. their stories on "oprah." tonight the latest cleanup efforts as the nation reels from an economic blow. could you imagine someone walking away with the 7 ft. of this statute? the owners of the rose stilvill diner says all that is left of the statute is the feet. now your maryland lottery numbers. >> good afternoon, merrill lynch. your picked three numbers are -- 2, 2, 8. that makes your pick 3 -three -- 2, 2, and 8. your pick four numbers are -- 3, 9, 4, and 6. recapping -- 3, 9, 4, and 6. >> a final look at the weather. we are forecast
but the state department of health said only 25% of marylanders were vaccinated. as kim dacey shows us health officials want to know why. >> the swine flu scare had people rushing to vaccination clinics but state health officials say only 25% of marylanders got the shot and now they want to find out why. they are looking for volunteers to form focus groups of eight to 10 people in communities across the nation. >> we have hired contracts who have worked focus groups before so they will facilitate the meeting to make sure everyone talks and the questions are addressed. >> they would like to hear from people that got shot ant those that didn't. they hope to learn how to better organize a campaign for next flu season to encourage more people to get vaccinated. >> we want to know how to design the brochures, what colors to use, what pictures of people, what words to use. we want people to tell us why they didn't take it and give us some suggestions of how we might approach this differently. >> health officials look to hold 40 focus groups. the only criteria is you have to be a maryland resident
and nothhng. >> at maryland legal aid attorneys want tenantt to know they doohave rights. if land plordz d landlords do ne problem they urge tenant to contact the county inspector and document everything. >>> president obama spoke yesterday in d.c. he says we need to take more borders. the president also stated that the ccrrent system is broken but that arizona's law is no solutionn >> it's not just that the law arizona passed is -- although it has fanned the flames of a contentious debatt. laws like arizona put huge pressure on local law enforcement, can force rules that ultimately are unenforceable. >> the resident says new hard and follow the law while in ú%erica. that legislltion would go inno effect this month inside and3 stay tuned to fox 45 morrinn3 news for ccntinuing coverage of this story. we wiil talk to congressman elijah cummings about the president's push for immigration reform. that is coming up later this hour. >>> coming u it's america's big birthdayybash with a liitle bit of a twist. howwfort mchenry is celebrating the fourth of july hawaiian style. >>> let's start the
service now throughout much of central and eastern maryland. that's why we need the rain. there's actually a flood watch in parts of western maryland because of the showers coming in from the mountains fairly heavy. you can see the front has made its way through far western maryland with the rain, where temperatures have dropped into the 0's, but we're still closer to 80 here in baltimore. sub rise, cloudy, muggy, showers should be in the area. 69 to 76 to start saturday. here comes the front slicing through the mountains now. we'll call it mild behind it. it's not a dramatic cooldown but it is much dryer from central ohio back up into chicago and up into the great lakes. this front will change the air mass a little bit and kick up a few showers. high pressure is scheduled to come in and make for a nice finish to the weekend. there you see the showers crossing baltimore and heading to the eastern shore in the afternoon and then tapering off in the evening with some clearing later tomorrow night. 81 to 86. it's going to be 20 degrees cooler tomorrow than it was just a few days ago when we h
cleared up. >> reporter: from what i understand, maryland state police is on the scene and in the lead. at this point, they're waiting for tow trucks to clear the road of the vehicles involved in the collision. >> laura with the maryland state highway administration. thanks a lot for that report. >> reporter: thank you, bruce. >>> tonight, oil is being allowed to flow freely in the gulf of mexico. workers are in the middle of an operation to switch caps on top of that broken well. the old cap is off. in its place will go a tighter dome supposed to funnel more oil to collection ships on the surface. terrell brown reports the latest solution should take two days, if all goes well. >> reporter: the broken oil well at the bottom of the gulf is in free flow. the cap that was holding back some of the oil was removed saturday afternoon to clear the way for a new tighter-fitting seal. b.p. is also working to hookup a third containment ship to the well. the combination of a third ship and the new cap could contain the spill as early as monday. what b.p. so desperately wants and needs. >> we tak
. ladies and gentlemen, the next lieutenant governor of the state of maryland, mary kane. >> reporter: kane is also a montgomery county native, a critical battleground for governor martin o'malley. >> it's always sort of a wash. i think this year will take the governorship. >> i think the pick of mary kane is a good one. it seems like around the country it's the year of women. >> reporter: a first generation american, kane's parents who immigrated from ireland stood by with tears in their eyes. >> my parents came in the 1950s, took a great risk to find new opportunities. i have learned firsthand what is possible in america. [ applause ] >> so, governor, thank you for including me on this journey. >> all right, you guys, let as hear it. >> reporter: tomorrow afternoon ehrlich and kane will formally file their paperwork to run. >> wjz is always on. >>> an appeals court uphold last lower court's decision to toss out bribery charges against a baltimore county city woman. >> lawyers for helen holton argued her -- prosecutors allege that she took bribes from city developer ronald lipscomb. charge
... to move maryland forward. >>> good morning, maryland. 7:24. we're looking at maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we actually are lining up hefty rains on 83 in in yoant county cxsgglue o. hereford zone, it will be slow. it looks like it's redeveloping across parkton and north across middletown road to jarrettsville. and still rain in hunt valley. light showers towson, top side of the beltway, in response to storms that were pushing through the last couple of hours. big flareup of thunder and lightning in the poconos. showers passed through glen burnie and eastern shore overnight. winds already eeched over 45, 50 -- reached over 45, 50 miles per hour and today we could have the same deal. in fact these showers from the mountains, we'll watch for the possibility of reaching us after 9:00. 75 baltimore. 77 easton. humidity makes it upper 70s to lower 80s. the atmosphere is prime for more storms mid-afternoon through to the evening. any storms have the slight possibility of reaching severe limits, that means winds over 60 miles per hour, perhaps even large hail over one inch in diamet
. a family-run business in silver spring, maryland. we appreciate you coming in today. this is something that never occurred to me. roasting your own coffee on a grill. >> it's fabulous. you'll be adding a layer of flavor which is just lovely and i'll show you how to do it today. >> i don't know if we can get a shot of this. i want to quickly show this one here. this is what we typically think of as the coffee bean. you say it starts differently. >> yeah. this is a product we have. when you start with a green coffee, it looks like this. it is basically the dried seed of a coffee cherry. so this is the dry coffee that is considered green. and this next section is about eight minutes into a roasting process whether you're roasting it at home or at the grill. it is about 20 minutes to roast total. that will get you between here and here. this is about 23 minutes here. >> this is the final product at the end. what do you do? you put in it what and stick it over the hot grill? >> this is really complicated. all do you is you take -- you can take colander or a spaghetti strainer. it doesn't bu
>> more rain after yesterday's record breaking temperatures, maryland braces for another day of heat. taking another look outside where it is already heating up. how high will it go? meteorologist tim williams has the answer in our first warning weather forecast. >> missing in afghanistan, the search for two u.s. soldiers intensifies. and slots debate. governor o'malley and former governor ehrlich weigh in on the future of slots in the state. and... >> the seventh annual family day is going on here at the druitt hills park basketball courts. we'll tell you all about the day's events. eyewitness news is seconds away. >>> good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams. it 18:00. it is 85 degrees and it is already starting to warm up outside. good morning to you. >> already. >> already. how did you brave yesterday? >> i could not escape it. >> no, you couldn't. >> you tried to run from it. it caught you. >> yes had a false sense of security because you went into a supermarket or something. when you came out, reality hit quickly. ye
york's jones beach down to ocean city maryland, you could barely see the sand for the umbrellas as people flocked to the shore to cool off. throughout the northeast, they're bracing for even higher temperatures as the week moves on. bill karins will have more for us on that in just a few moments. >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. in iowa, tragedy struck a fourth of july parade when two horses pulling a wagon were spooked and started galloping out of control. the run away steed dragged them for a six block stretch. sadly a 60-year-old woman was killed and at least 23 were injured. >>> in tennessee, flames lit up the night sky after one town's independence day celebration. moments after a fourth of july fireworks finale, an abandoned building burt into flames. it took fire crews hours to get the flames under control. officials say the fire started in a wire box on the roof. and have not said if the fireworks contributed to the blaze. >>> in michigan, a husband and wife spate their way to top honest are ors for the second year in a row.
was in germantown, maryland, but tonight the 3.6 tremor remains the buzz around the beltway. >> reporter: the security cameras are firmly fixed to the side of the building but this video after 5:00 a.m. is shaky because the earth itself was shaky. >> some of the cameras came on. some picked up better movement than others. >> first we noticed cracks that seemed to separate a little bit. >> thin cracks mark a house on ebb tide. >> there was a vibration in my bed. the rumble woke me up. >> reporter: his father had been through several. >> all of a sudden there was a massive explosion. nothing else. >> reporter: just up the street ron fontaine felt it also. >> it felt like a freight train coming toward the house. i'd say it was like 15 seconds. again, as soon as it happened i felt the house shift i knew what it was, and, again, because my brother lives in california. >> reporter: although it was the strongest earthquake on record in maryland there was mercifully little damage. an antique plate that was on this wall fell down and shattered. >> i yelled to my husband we just had an earthquake
the region. that 3.6 was center in the germantown, maryland. it was the strongest to hit within 30 mile of d.c. since officials started keeping records. bp says the capped off well appears to be holding steady. tests show the oil is staying inside the pipe and not escaping somewhere elgs under the sea floor. >>> and prince george's county need your help finding this man. surveillance video shows him pointing a gun at the clerk and demanding cash and cigarettes. the hold-up happened on wednesday. so far no arrests. >> and it's friday. it's a hot one. how is that week looking? >> another heat wave in the making, believe it or not. >> could you lie to us, veronica? >> i would love to. let's look outside. we do have hot spots. hazy skies across the area. hazy skies and we've got a little mike issue here. 97 degrees for a temperature, heat index. it feel like 101. the dew point temperature is at 65 degrees. a light wind out of the southeast at 14 miles an hour. today, pretty hot when you factor in the high moisture content. by 9:00, we dropped to 86. then 82 degrees by 11:00 a.m. a very warm spot
marylanders will travel. we have more along the beltway with jessica. >> reporter: good evening to you out there and if you are planning on heading to the beach or somewhere fun. gas prices are up but more people are expected to hit the road this year than last year. summer is in full swing and highways are packed with travelers. >> and we're expecting 34.4 million people will be traveling over the weekend. >> the holiday comes amid the worst oil spill in u.s. history. >> compared to last year the gas prices here are 12 cents higher, that's consistent with the national average. >> the good news is that the prices are not near the mark like they were back in 2008. and in our state 658,000 people are expected to travel. 92% will be driving. law enforcement officials are out in force. and they will ride the routes and state police droppers are targeting reckless and impaired drivers. >> it will affect driver's judgment, their reaction time, motor skills and memory. it is a national issue. >> reporter: the policy director joined maryland law enforcement launching a new campaign raising awaren
eyes. >>> your eyes are popping open, just before 5:00. "good morning maryland," i'm jamie costello. megan has the day off. meteorologist justin berk with the weather. >> good morning. we've had a rough ride so far. a lot of us were awakened with storms. showing up on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. also expecting more storms this afternoon with a chance some could turn severe. check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar, if you see that last image up top, we have 795 lightning strikes in the region just over the last two hours. in fact we can zoom in a little closer, you can see most of the storms passing off to the north. from hagerstown to frederick, westminster, you're getting wet. looks like most of the energy passing towards hanover and york but looks like at least a chance of showers may try to pass through the immediate area, towson northbound as we head through this afternoon. isolated rumble of thunder. more storms this afternoon as we go for the 2-degree guaranteed high of 92. >>> our first check of the roads with kim brown. >> good morning. you may find wet
certified by maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> good morning, it's 7:24. we are currently dry around baltimore and towson up to our north. we've had showers in pennsylvania. this one through southern lancaster county, may clip the northern border, but the reason you are seeing clouds this morning. there's a frontal boundary to our west. it looked active a couple hours ago. but we are left with the mugginess and much more energy beyond that, as temperatures are actually at 79 right now in town. same story in easten. that will be fuel for this frontal boundary. it comes through early afternoon. the lunch hour, you may have to think twice about that outside. crossing south of baltimore around the bay bridge, annapolis, and down towards cambridge and delaware. this will be around the lunch hour and into the afternoon, it pushes into southern maryland. trips to the beach or from the beach will be wet, but by that point in time, 3:00 and beyond, we'll see the sun returning and a drop in humidity. it gets better for the weekend. today, 92, 2-degree guarantee. that should be around mi
and maryland. do we have the m dot camera? out of easton, no problems, that's eastbound toll plaza at sandy point. very nice and easy right. bay sand is recommending that you leave after 11:00 so leave before 11:00 if you're heading back from the beach. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> thank you, lauren. >>> well new this morning, a deadly accident out on the roads in northern virginia. it happened at 1:00 a.m. at the intersection of chapel road and glen cove drive if cliffton. there were six people in an suv that went off the road and hit a tree. a 31-year-old man died and five others are hospitalized. fairfax county police say it appears speed was a factor in the crash. >>> and also new this morning, a nasty accident involving a car and metro bus in south east d.c. a metro spokesperson said the driver of the car ran a light at 14th street and was t- boned by a bus. bus went on to hit one other vehicle. the were passengers on the bus at the time. one person was seriously hurt and three others suffered minor injuries but it's unclear whether those that were hurt were in th
on the road. last week it was leesberg. this week our home town friday takes us to leonardtown, maryland. that's in st. mary's county. come out to meet me, allison, tucker and holly this friday from 6:00 to 10:00 a.m. we would love to see you there. >> formerly named seymour town. >> i saw that on the sign. >> i'm going to rally it's name should be seymour town. >> maybe you have relatives there. >> we'll look into that. >> if you're a seymour, come on out. it should be fun. a whole gang of seymours will be there. good morning, tucker. >>> good morning. it's very hot. and it will be hot again later this afternoon. just had a new graphic made and let's go right to it and we'll talk about how close we come at area airports. >> close but we won't break them? probably not. >> if we're going to be there, we might as well break the record. the red is the temperature for the day. so predicting 100 at reagan national. the record is 103. bwi marshall is 102 there today and the record is 101. and dulles will come close to 99 there and 100 is the record. >> i've not seen the sun smile like that. >> that'
hill. it is an illness that affects millions of american children. scientists here in maryland think they have found a vaccine for juvenile die beaties -- diabetes. >> a tour on a new community kitchen and tell you about a new program cranking out not only meals but restaurant workers in the future. >> first, you are looking at a live picture outside. what a beautiful sight. tony has your holiday insta-weather plus forecast next. stay with us. can a smart phone reach the four corners of the earth ? can it make unlimited skype-to-skype calls to any country ? without using any minutes ? im anyone on skype. droid can with skype mobile. one of thousands of apps that can run with other apps. from the ever-expanding android market. when there's no limit to what droid gets, there's no limit to what droid does. right now buy one droid by motorola and get a second one free. only from verizon. we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. revealing the stories and dramas -- the victories and challenges -- that help us go through new doors
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were being baked on the dashboard yesterday in maryland. this was part of humane society. they wanted to demonstrate how hot your car gets and why you should never leave your car inside. 120 degrees and higher and it was earlier this month that there was a yellow lab in maryland that died after being left in the car. that's what you don't want to do. 97 after starting out at 77 degrees. now we've had ten consecutive days. 90 degrees or higher the last time we did that was 2007. and with more heat on the way, more 90s. i think we're going to be going another page back in the record books. currently, 97. it feels like 105 with the dew point temperature at 69 degrees. and human at 41%. so we've gotten that wind shift out of the southwest. and it is good enough to pull more humidity across the area. by 9:00, we dropped to 87. and then 85 degrees by 11:00 p.m. some partly cloudy skies for the morning and starting out already, 75 to about 80 degrees. we're going to do it all over again on saturday and perhaps even monday morning. another very warm start. again, all because of this pattern.
friday, sick people had died of heat-related causes in maryland so far this year which was as many as all of 2009. virginia and d.c. have already seen pore heat-related deaths than they saw last year. it is proof of just how dangerous the weather can be. infants, young people and the elderly are especially at risk. >> number one, avoid direct sunlight and avoid the middle part of the day when it will be hottest outside. out there and you are feeling dizzy, headachy, crampy, hydrate, get out of the heat. >> we are talking more about the health risks heat can pose and what local emergency rooms have been dealing with. that is coming up later this hour. >>> there are plenty of places to go in the district to stay cool. city pools are opening two hours earlier at 11:00 this morning. they will close one hour later at 9:00 p.m. the city has opened its 62 cooling centers. officials are especially worried about older residents and are providing transportation to the cooling centers as well. >> we are wishing fans to seniors and folks with disabilities, providing transportation to the cooling cent
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